I retain the right to change these Terms of Use  

at any time, without any prior notice. 

(Last Update - 7/21/2021)




Regarding use and purchase of graphics:

  1. Please email me as soon as you've used my graphics on your website. I would love to come and see what you did! 

  2. You must have the No-right-click as well as the script on the pages where you use my graphics. Click *here* to get it if you don't have it yet. Please ensure that it works on IE6 as well!  Contact me if you don't know how to do this, and I will send you the necessary code.

  3. You must either have logo or a text-link to my site on every page you use my graphics. Please link to:

  4. You may not alter my graphics IN ANY WAY. You are not allowed to make adoptables, buttons, banners, awards, logos, backgrounds, webring graphics, cards, or any other kind of graphic/ tube with anything you find on my pages. The only exception to this rule is for adding text to a blank buttons I provide or on the calling cards. You are also not allowed to resize them in any way.  Please don't use my backgrounds to make blinkies, cards, or quilt squares!

  5. Your site must be family orientated - no pornography, racism, etc. I reserve the right to ask you to cease and desist the use of my graphics if there are things/issues on your site that could have a negative or hurtful impact on other people.

  6. You may use my free-for-a-link-graphics on your commercial website - please just email me to inform me about it!

  7. My graphics may not be redistributed in emails or be taken up in any kind of collection. This include posting them on online groups such as MSN, Yahoo etc.  The exception here is using the sigtags - obviously. Please link back to my site when using the sigtags!  You are not allowed to use my graphics in INCREDIMAIL. You are also NOT allowed to make stationery with any graphics of mine.

  8. Please download the graphics to your own computer. Do not direct link! It's called bandwidth-stealing and is totally unacceptable.

  9.  You are not allowed to make cards, stationery or any other article with my graphics (that includes the backgrounds) with the purpose to sell/resell them, not even for charity purposes. You may only use my graphics for scrap booking if you're a member. I do however offer a reselling license @ $200 that is renewable every year. Contact me for more information in this regard.

  10. NO refunds will be made on any graphic or webdesign deposit.  If our working relationship sours due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive the graphics/web pages we agreed on once you have paid the full outstanding amount.  In the event that an agreement can't be reached, these graphics will be sold to cover their cost.

  11. My graphics remain my property and my site is NOT Public domain. Do not make assumptions - ask before you do something you're not totally sure about.

  12. You only pay for the use of my graphics - I always retain copyright.

  13. Please respect my copyright in every way.  If you are unsure what copyright means in the true sense of the word, have a look at the following sites that will explain it to you in more detail:




Regarding membership:
  1. I don't offer membership areas any more.  If you're a past member and need the graphics from these areas, please contact me with your information please, and I'll send the links for download to you.


Regarding custom graphics/adoptions:
  1. These graphics/adoptions you buy does NOT entitle you to their copyright. I retain the copyright in all instances.

  2. You're not allowed to give any graphic you bought from me to any other person except when it's an adoption and the rules of adoption applies, without contacting me about it first.  In other words - ownership of the graphics should NOT be changed without my consent.  I retain the right to refuse this change of ownership.

  3. If your adoption shop requires membership, and I'm not a member, I require that you send me the login information as a courtesy gesture. I need to be able to see how my graphics are being used and if it's in a password protection area, this is difficult.  In the event that you use custom graphics in a password protected area where you need to buy membership, I would gladly like to pay to be able to see how my graphics are used.

  4. Bottom line - I must be able to see how my graphics are being used.  If I don't have access to any area using my graphics, you will forfeit the right to display/use them. 

  5. IMPORTANT: If you bought any graphics from me to use in your adoption shop, and it is found that (a) you are personalizing them/adding text when they were not made and sold with that purpose in mind, or  (b)  if you use the mentioned graphics in any way to create cards or any other graphic at all, the permission to use these graphics will be revoked with immediate effect. You will be asked to remove these graphics from your site, and even though you paid for the adoptions, you will not be able to use them in future. 

  6. Please note:  there is only one panda adoption that is allowed to be personalized so far, and it's the Prevention Pal's Pandas that can be obtained at Tera's Adoption Shop. If you come across any other panda adoption that was personalized or changed, please contact me immediately.

Digitizing my graphics:
  1. I've received numerous requests for a license to digitize my graphics for machine embroidery.  After discussions with my lawyer on the copyright issues, I've decided to retain the sole right to digitize my graphics for machine use.  Sometime in the future I plan on opening a website for this use, so please check back often!


  1. You need to register with me as a commercial site before you are allowed to use either the graphics in my free-for-a-link section, or in the members area on any of your clients sites.

  2. The person you design a website for needs to buy any and all graphics from my site you intend to use on her site.

  3. Before designing a site with custom made graphics by Daisy Dreams, please contact me to let me know of your intention.

  4. Contact me for the current list of authorised webdesigners if you're interested.  Thanks!